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What is Hack Keele?

Whether you’re writing your first lines of HTML, building a VR app or a hoverboard, Hack Keele is just the place for you. We will have workshops and hackathons to help make your idea happen and help you learn the technologies that are actually used in the real world.

We will hold regular activities such as VR workshops, ethical hacking capture the flags and hack days where you can bring your own ideas to life. Who knows... you could create the next big thing!


What is a hackathon?

Hackathons are a place where many passionate professionals or students in Technology and Business Development actively participate - form diverse teams, make their pitches, adds their expertise and work towards creating a solution.

It is one such opportunity where you make many new friends from diverse backgrounds whom you would have never met, and learn new things from mentors and teammates. Above all, Hackathons helps you to see a problem from multiple perspectives and arrive at a solution.

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Why are hackathons good for me?

  • Networking - make connections and build your network across universities.

  • Learn - learn new skills that are used in industry.

  • Solve problems - improve your ability to solve complex problems.

  • Innovation - hackathons are the perfect platform to create something new.

  • Build - Hacking is all about people that 'do'. Hack Keele enables you to use your skills.

  • Teamwork - collaboratively push the limits of technology as we know it today.

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Weekly activities

We hold fun, engaging hacker community activities and expert workshops that you can attend on campus each week. Join our Hack Keele community, and learn valuable skills with your fellow students.

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Who can attend?

Our hackathons are free to enter! Hack Keele is a student focused society and hackathon, and therefore you must be a current student or have graduated within the last academic year to be able to attend. If you are under 18 years of age, we’ll need a parental consent form. More information will be released soon.

Why are hackthons important?

You’ll gain more practical knowledge in one hackathon than from a month of lectures. Hackathons provide a real-world experience, working in teams to learn new skills and create new products. Similar to the product cycles of a startup company.

When you work with others, you’ll pick up so many new tips and tricks. These are all skills which will make you a better developer and help you get a job/internship. You’re going to love the inventive and smart people you meet at hackathons. You’ll get to meet people from all over the world you’d never get a chance to meet otherwise.

Hackathons are like career fairs on steroids. If you’re looking for an internship or a job in the tech industry, guess where companies are recruiting? At hackathons of course!

What skills do I need?

"But I don't have any experience - I won't be any good!"

Nonsense - Everyone has to start somewhere, and we will have mentors at the events and workshops to help you along. One of the most awesome qualities of hackathons is the sheer number of lovely people that you'll meet at them, so no matter your skill level or expertise, you'll always be able to have an awesome time, pick up loads of new skills, and make new friends!

Get Involved!

Facebook: Hack Keele

Twitter: @hackkeele


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