Hack Keele hold multiple events during the year, from weekly challenges to big events.

Planned Events

Game Jame (26 Nov.)

Learn about game development and aim to make the best game you can in a short window.

A Normal Hackathon (TBA - early Sem. 2)

We're trying a few new things this year, so this will just be a good old software devopment event, Theme TBA

Nerdkon (24-25th Febuary)

We help run a convention alongside KURA and KCG, there'll be board games, consoles, tournaments and more!

Cybersec Event (TBA - late Sem. 2)

Security is an important thing, and what better way to learn than breaking into things! more details to be confirmed when we have a sponsor

Weekly Socials (Wed. 1-4pm, CR10 or CR113)

we're also around every wednesday hanging out in colin reeves, talking about tech, teaching, and making bad ideas into reality

Previous Events

Dumb Ideas Hackathon

Come along to the Turing Lab (CR08) in Colin Reeves from 3PM - 5PM and find out what Hack Keele is all about!

We've got a couple of project ideas planned for the rest of the semester! Like an LED Matrix Display, and a Smart Mirror - But we want to get you all involved! If you've got any ideas for projects that involve a bit of hardware - come and pitch it to us! The more project ideas we have - the better!

We'll also be heading to the Scruffy Squirrel at 5PM to chill out, play some pool, and enjoy some FREE PIZZA. Even if you missed the session, come and join us for a beer or two

Event Suggestions

Got an idea for a Hackathon or Workshop? Let us know!